Thursday, 5 July 2012

A favourite AVON product!

I'm not usually a big fan of AVON. I'll be honest. My Grandma is an AVON lady and because of this I have tried the majority of the makeup products they have. Nothing has overly impressed me, but every now and again you can discover one product which changes your mind.

The product that did this for me is called the Jillian Dempsey for AVON professional corrector palette. I've been eyeing this up in the catalogue for a while, but originally it was over the £10 mark and I wasn't sure if paying that much is worth it for an AVON product... But finally, it came into the sale booklet for £2 if you spent over £5 in the book, so I managed to pick it up for a bargain price!

All I can say is that it is one of the best AVON products I have ever used. Its a concealer palette split into four colours, all for different purposes. 

1- Lilac- this is used for 'providing a healthy looking glow'. I use this to prime my eyelids, and the light colour really does open up my eye and makes me look more awake.

2- Pink (more of a ivory skin colour)- this 'hides imperfections and dark circles'. I pretty much use this to conceal the under eye bags and spots that sometimes appear and it works a charm. It blends in really well and makes my skin feel glowy.

3- Apricot- this 'helps to brighten dull complexions'. If my dark circles are especially dark in the morning, I use the apricot colour over the pink just to give the illusion me being more alive then what I actually am (it's true, I don't like early mornings). It's the darkest colour but it really does add colour to the skin and basically does what it says: BRIGHTENS.

4- Yellow- this 'helps to counteract redness'. I use this particularly when i'm applying makeup when I get out of the shower. My skin is very sensitive, and when I get out of the shower my cheeks become bright red and blotchy and it sometimes stays for hours. I have been using the yellow over the redness then applying my foundation on top and I really have noticed a difference. What can I say? It works.

Here are the colours swatched in order, left to right:

It's a great little product. I can never find the right concealer for me, but the four different shades in this tackle all the problem areas of my skin. It's AMAZING! 

Have you ever tried AVON products before? If so, what is your favourite? Also, keep your eyes peeled for an Aussie post coming in the next few days!


Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Purchases- Clothing

Over the past month I have been severely neglecting my blog. Yes, I’ll admit it…… and now I think its about time I fill you in with the ongoings, and all the nice bits and pieces I’ve picked up over the past month!

So first of all, I turned 18! It was all a bit crazy, and I had quite a bit of money floating around so I thought why not go shopping! This post is just going to include a few of my favourite clothes items that I acquired over my birthday celebrations, and I will be posting another blog with all the cosmetic items I have acquired also!

My favourite item I bought is my denim bodycon Topshop dress, I absolutely love it. I saw it online a few months ago and fell in love with it straight away, but was too scared to buy it in case I couldn’t pull it off! But just after my birthday  I tried it on and knew I just had to have it. I love it and have worn it on about three nights out already! However, because it is denim, it loses its shape quite quickly and I have found that it needs washing inbetween wears so that its shape is retained. A bit of a hassle I know, but I’m too in love with the dress to complain! It cost me £40, not too shabby for a Topshop dress really and I know I’ll be wearing it a lot over the coming months. Here I am on the far right wearing the dress, also the photo underneath has shoddy lighting and I apologize, but my dress is currently in the wash!

I also finally got dragged into Urban Outfitters! For some strange reason, I had never been in the store before. Overall the store is more expensive than Topshop, and I think that’s why I have never been brave enough to go in. Within 5 seconds of stepping in the door,  I wanted to buy everything. EVERYTHING. I limited it down to three items though, two for me and one for my mum, who’s birthday is also around the same time as mine.

I ended up buying this feather/aztec printed cropped t-shirt which is really beautiful, and I’ve been tucking it into high wasted shorts. Its really comfortable and not too baggy, but it did cost me £28 which I think is slightly pricey for your average cropped t-shirt, but hey ho! 

I also bought a really cute Aztec print watch. I’m not a big watch wearer really, but this is so cute I’ve been wearing it every day! I wear it in combination with my two favourite bracelets from Topshop, and they make a great little trio. It was in the sale thankfully, I think it was about £16 normally but I picked it up for £8- a lovely little bargain there! I’ve been wearing it every day,  I really am in love with it! 

The third item I picked up in Urban Outfitters is a bit random, but it was perfect for my Mum as an extra birthday present. The book is called 1,001 albums to listen to before you die, it cost me £20 but it is AMAZING. The shop do a great selection of books, and although it was a little pricey the book is massive! Me and my Mum are massive music fans, it’s a bit of a dorky passion if you ask me but I would like to say that we are musically educated and I knew she would enjoy reading it! Its currently sitting on our coffee table, and loads of people have looked through it when visiting our house!

Two of my best girl friends put together and bought me a few bits for my birthday, my favourite of which is these River Island high waisted Union Jack shorts! Very patriotic if you ask me, I’ve been wearing it with the Urban Outfitters cropped t-shirt and they are such a cute pairing. The only thing that slightly annoys me about these shorts is that they are buttoned all the way up and they are such a hassle getting on and off. I know a lot of high waisted shorts are like this, but Topshop do some of theirs with zips and I find that so much easier! I really do love these shorts though, my friends have good taste if you ask me…..

So overall I’ve picked up a few good items over my birthday, I have picked up some amazing cosmetics which I will be doing a post about in the next few days so let me know if you’d like to read it! My birthday has been amazing, turning 18 has brought with it lots of alcohol and fun times, and that’s alright with me! Also, A-level exams are now over so I can spend a lot more time dedicated to my little blog, posting about the things which I love the most.

One last thing, I also went to see Coldplay a week after my birthday! It had such a brilliant time I just had to drop it into the blog because I want to share it with the world! They were amazing live, even better then than on the album. It was all a bit strange actually, as I only found out I was going three days before the actual concert, and I don’t think the tickets were overly expensive so if you are a Coldplay fan I would definitely recommend going! We also got Xylobands, which are free wristbands which lit up in time with the music! AMAZING!

So, what do you guys think of my recent purchases?  Have you gone into Urban Outfitters and spent more than you initially planned to? And are you interested in reading a cosmetic-y post with NARS, MAC and everything else? Let me know!


Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Primark Bargain!

Hello my lovelies! I have recently picked up the cutest blazer in Primark. I have wanted a pink/peachy blazer for a long time now, and being a lover of Topshop and seeing their hefty price tags has made me want to cry, quite frankly. But finally, Primark have brought in this cute blazer, exactly like I wanted! Whats more, it was only a mere £15.... what. a. BARGAIN. 

Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? I apologize for the shoddy photo quality, it is only taken on my Iphone, after all....

I've always wanted a decent blazer. I think you can wear a blazer in a variety of ways, and this pastel shade is perfect for the spring summer months. Here I am wearing it for my friends 18th birthday night out (i'm sure she wont mind the photo being on here haha!). I teamed it with a plain back body con tunic from Topshop and some plain back heels from George at Asda: it's a simple look, but I loved it!

Unfortunately, blog posts have been a bit bleak as of late. I've been posting rarely, but it's the run up to my A-Level exams and we have been having some looooooovely weather outside, so I have been a bit...... erm..... distracted. Anyway, the photo below is a quick OOTD I wore whilst chillin' in the sunshine :)

The patterned maxi skirt was made by my friends mum, so I literally borrowed this off my friend for free, woohoooo! I love it, its a nice floaty material but is sadly a bit too short for me. (I intend on purchasing a tall black Maxi Dress from Topshop to team with my new blazer, thoughts?) 

I've teamed the skirt with a black boob tube from Primark for a lovely £2.50, I do love a good bargain. Accessories i'm wearing some mirrored aviator shades, £1 from Primark again ;)
Im also wearing a chunky spiked bangle which i don't know if you can really make out, but that's from Topshop and i love love love it!

What have you been doing in all this sunshine? And do you love a good Primark bargain? I sure do!


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Soap and Glory Collection

Well, when I was looking in my bathroom it appeared I have a LOT of Soap and Glory Products, and the more I looked through my stuff, the more I found. This isn't everything unfortunately, I do have other bits and bats lurking around which I cannot find. But anyway, this is some of my Soap and Glory collection, all purchased from the mighty Boots.

I think I have tried the majority of their products to be totally honest, however I haven't yet delved into the make-up section due to lack of money. Anywho, i've split my little collection up into sections so I can tell you a little bit about each product! :)


Peaches and Clean- this is a cleanser, which I use with cotton wool pads to take all my makeup off after a longggggg day. Its such a yummy smell, and even managed to get rid of stubborn makeup, as well as leaving my skin feeling tight and soft.

Clean on Me and the Righteous Butter- Clean on Me is a body wash and Righteous Butter is a body butter, both with the same scent. These are perhaps the most popular S&G products, due to their fruity and long lasting smell.

Hands and Heels:

Hand Food- one of my favourite S&G products, I even have a few mini tubes as well floating around to put in my bags and for when I go on my jollys! Again, this one has the signature scent- deliciousssssss

Endless Glove- this one's a dry hand cream from the Spa collection, but it doesn't really smell of anything unfortunately! This one can also be used for feet, which is what I use it for. Leaves my feet feeling silky smooooooth!

Heel Genius- a lovely foot cream. I got this one at Christmas but being currently on with the Endless Glove bottle I haven't actually used it yet


Face, Soap and Clarity- this is a face scrub which is of a gel consistency, with little pink balls throughout it. I use it with Peaches and Clean, and again it contributes to the lovely soft skin after my night-time routine.

Scrub Your Nose in It- another face scrub which is thicker than FS&C, and also bright green! A bit different for the Soap and Glory products, but still it smells minty fresh!

Pulp Friction- this is in the new line of scents, and is perhaps my FAVOURITE S&G product ever. I use it on my legs mostly and I just love it. And also, being a big fan of the film Pulp Fiction, makes me love this product even more!


The Righteous Butter- well, having it in the pump bottle, I just had to have it in a bigger tub as well....

Flake Away- this one's the tub on the end with the legs on the picture, as the main label has peeled off. This one is a body scrub that I use when I have a bath, similar to the signature scent but I don't think its as yummy as Pulp Friction

Butter Yourself- this is body butter is in the same new scent as Pulp Friction, and therefore I just have to use them together!

Blueberry Thrill- this one's from the spa section, and I think it has got the most powerful and long lasting smell out of all the S&G products, it lasts for days. Literally.


Mist You Madly- this is one of the three body spray bottles that you can get from S&G, the other two are in a white bottle and a purple one: not sure of the names! This one smells very similar to the perfume, and I use them in combination with each other

Soap and Glory Perfume- love it. Amazing. And relatively cheap too!

I didn't know where these bad boys particularly sat with my other products so I've thrown them together!

Sit Tight- This is a lower body firming lotion, which tackles the cellulite-y bits on the thighs and buttocks that most girls don't like to admit they have. I strongly believe this cream actually works, and you have to sit down to activate it, in which it heats up your bottom. When I first started using this the heating lasted HOURS! It was truly marvellous.

Off Your Face- These are cleansing face wipes, I use them for a quick refresh when I haven't got much make-up on. If you have these, be careful putting them near your eyes. It stings. Beware.

Sexy Mother Pucker- This is the only product I don't particularly like that much. It smells delicious, but leaves a gloopy residue on the lips which I'm not keen on. But then again, I'm more of a lip balm and lipstick girl myself.

So, theres a few products from the might S&G range, which I love. Can you tell?

 Which S&G products are your favourites? Have you ever tried them? Also, if you've tried the makeup, which product is your fave?

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Charity Shops: the good, the bad and the ugly

There has recently been a boom in the amount of young people looking around charity shops. More and more people from the younger generations are now going charity shopping, and i'll admit it, i'm one of them! Charity shops can be full of vintagey clothing at amazing prices just waiting to be snapped up.

OXFAM and British Heart Foundation - image from

However, a lot of the charity shops nowadays are hit and miss: and i'll tell you why.

Firstly, they know what we're up to! Some charity shops are now hand-picking through their items and making a 'vintage' section in their shops. This may seem a good idea at first, but to my horror they are actually charging extremely HIGH prices for such items! To me, that defies the whole idea of going to a charity shop. I do not like it. At all.

My nearest city is Leeds, and as every other big city, it is full to the brim of charity shops. Unfortunately, these shops are also full of young girls such as myself looking for vintage buys. By the time I get chance to mooch around the city charity shops, all the unique items have been bought and everything tends to start looking the same.

So i'll provide you a solution for this problem: go to charity shops in small villages. Okay, lets be realistic, not every shop is going to have amazing clothes or retro bags, but every so often you can stumble upon an item which you instantly fall in love with.

And now, to prove to you that you CAN find amazing bargains in charity shops, here are two photos of my favourite bags. Whats more, the brown satchel was only 50p! 50P!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh bargains do make me happy! 

Satchel - 50p at Salvation Army

Retro Chiltern bought by my friend!
So, do you go charity shopping? If so, where do you go? And which charity shops do you like going to? xxxxxx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bedroom Designs

The finished design!
It has been a few months now since I moved into my new house. Unfortunately, our family haven't had much money to decorate yet!

I love decorating rooms though; strolling around B&Q, picking up the Dulux and IKEA catalogues and immersing myself for hours in their pages, picking out the designs I like and day dreaming away. However, when money's a bit tight, there HAS to be an alternate option.

So I decided to do a bit of a creative centerpiece above my bed, to put me on until I have enough money to whip the paint brushes out again! I think that the finished look is lovely! I love The Beatles and music, so 'TAKE A SAD SONG AND MAKE IT BETTER' from 'Hey Jude' was definitely the right lyric for me. 

All I needed was some card, scissors and old magazines. My magazine of choice is Heat. Being a big fan of the gossipy mag means I have a LOT of old copies lying about the house. All I did was make letter templates with the card then cut the right letters out of the colourful and pretty advertisements in the mags. 

It is slightly time consuming though, but surely there is room in everyone's life for some arts and crafts every now and again! :)

So, if money is a bit sparse and you're looking for a cute way to personalize your bedroom space, why not try a bit of cutting and sticking?


Me sharing the love for my creation!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lip Balm Life Savers

L-R: Vanilla Coke, Sprite, Cherry Coke and Orange Fanta

I have a guilty pleasure of buying every kind of lip balm. There, I said it. I have tried so many, literally hundreds but I have never decided on a favourite because I always end up losing them!

But as I was mooching down the queue at Primark I noticed these little beauties.

Cherry Coke lip balm, Vanilla Coke lip balm and Sprite lip balm too! I did have a Fanta one somewhere which I love, but unfortunately it was lost in my house :( So I repurchased it today and here it is, all shiny and new!

Anywho, I purchased all flavours originally due to my love for all things coca cola. What's more, they were only one pound each: a total bargain in my opinion.
As you can see, the packaging isn't very good as the vanilla Coke one has completely rubbed off now, but hey ho. They product is amazing quality and they keep my lips very moisturised, and yes- they do taste exactly like the flavour they're meant to be. I love the taste and how they make my lips feel after applying, the only problem I have is trying not to lose them!

So, if you're looking for a good quality lip balm for a cheap price I definitely recommend these. I will definitely be buying them again and again.