Thursday, 5 July 2012

A favourite AVON product!

I'm not usually a big fan of AVON. I'll be honest. My Grandma is an AVON lady and because of this I have tried the majority of the makeup products they have. Nothing has overly impressed me, but every now and again you can discover one product which changes your mind.

The product that did this for me is called the Jillian Dempsey for AVON professional corrector palette. I've been eyeing this up in the catalogue for a while, but originally it was over the £10 mark and I wasn't sure if paying that much is worth it for an AVON product... But finally, it came into the sale booklet for £2 if you spent over £5 in the book, so I managed to pick it up for a bargain price!

All I can say is that it is one of the best AVON products I have ever used. Its a concealer palette split into four colours, all for different purposes. 

1- Lilac- this is used for 'providing a healthy looking glow'. I use this to prime my eyelids, and the light colour really does open up my eye and makes me look more awake.

2- Pink (more of a ivory skin colour)- this 'hides imperfections and dark circles'. I pretty much use this to conceal the under eye bags and spots that sometimes appear and it works a charm. It blends in really well and makes my skin feel glowy.

3- Apricot- this 'helps to brighten dull complexions'. If my dark circles are especially dark in the morning, I use the apricot colour over the pink just to give the illusion me being more alive then what I actually am (it's true, I don't like early mornings). It's the darkest colour but it really does add colour to the skin and basically does what it says: BRIGHTENS.

4- Yellow- this 'helps to counteract redness'. I use this particularly when i'm applying makeup when I get out of the shower. My skin is very sensitive, and when I get out of the shower my cheeks become bright red and blotchy and it sometimes stays for hours. I have been using the yellow over the redness then applying my foundation on top and I really have noticed a difference. What can I say? It works.

Here are the colours swatched in order, left to right:

It's a great little product. I can never find the right concealer for me, but the four different shades in this tackle all the problem areas of my skin. It's AMAZING! 

Have you ever tried AVON products before? If so, what is your favourite? Also, keep your eyes peeled for an Aussie post coming in the next few days!


Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Purchases- Clothing

Over the past month I have been severely neglecting my blog. Yes, I’ll admit it…… and now I think its about time I fill you in with the ongoings, and all the nice bits and pieces I’ve picked up over the past month!

So first of all, I turned 18! It was all a bit crazy, and I had quite a bit of money floating around so I thought why not go shopping! This post is just going to include a few of my favourite clothes items that I acquired over my birthday celebrations, and I will be posting another blog with all the cosmetic items I have acquired also!

My favourite item I bought is my denim bodycon Topshop dress, I absolutely love it. I saw it online a few months ago and fell in love with it straight away, but was too scared to buy it in case I couldn’t pull it off! But just after my birthday  I tried it on and knew I just had to have it. I love it and have worn it on about three nights out already! However, because it is denim, it loses its shape quite quickly and I have found that it needs washing inbetween wears so that its shape is retained. A bit of a hassle I know, but I’m too in love with the dress to complain! It cost me £40, not too shabby for a Topshop dress really and I know I’ll be wearing it a lot over the coming months. Here I am on the far right wearing the dress, also the photo underneath has shoddy lighting and I apologize, but my dress is currently in the wash!

I also finally got dragged into Urban Outfitters! For some strange reason, I had never been in the store before. Overall the store is more expensive than Topshop, and I think that’s why I have never been brave enough to go in. Within 5 seconds of stepping in the door,  I wanted to buy everything. EVERYTHING. I limited it down to three items though, two for me and one for my mum, who’s birthday is also around the same time as mine.

I ended up buying this feather/aztec printed cropped t-shirt which is really beautiful, and I’ve been tucking it into high wasted shorts. Its really comfortable and not too baggy, but it did cost me £28 which I think is slightly pricey for your average cropped t-shirt, but hey ho! 

I also bought a really cute Aztec print watch. I’m not a big watch wearer really, but this is so cute I’ve been wearing it every day! I wear it in combination with my two favourite bracelets from Topshop, and they make a great little trio. It was in the sale thankfully, I think it was about £16 normally but I picked it up for £8- a lovely little bargain there! I’ve been wearing it every day,  I really am in love with it! 

The third item I picked up in Urban Outfitters is a bit random, but it was perfect for my Mum as an extra birthday present. The book is called 1,001 albums to listen to before you die, it cost me £20 but it is AMAZING. The shop do a great selection of books, and although it was a little pricey the book is massive! Me and my Mum are massive music fans, it’s a bit of a dorky passion if you ask me but I would like to say that we are musically educated and I knew she would enjoy reading it! Its currently sitting on our coffee table, and loads of people have looked through it when visiting our house!

Two of my best girl friends put together and bought me a few bits for my birthday, my favourite of which is these River Island high waisted Union Jack shorts! Very patriotic if you ask me, I’ve been wearing it with the Urban Outfitters cropped t-shirt and they are such a cute pairing. The only thing that slightly annoys me about these shorts is that they are buttoned all the way up and they are such a hassle getting on and off. I know a lot of high waisted shorts are like this, but Topshop do some of theirs with zips and I find that so much easier! I really do love these shorts though, my friends have good taste if you ask me…..

So overall I’ve picked up a few good items over my birthday, I have picked up some amazing cosmetics which I will be doing a post about in the next few days so let me know if you’d like to read it! My birthday has been amazing, turning 18 has brought with it lots of alcohol and fun times, and that’s alright with me! Also, A-level exams are now over so I can spend a lot more time dedicated to my little blog, posting about the things which I love the most.

One last thing, I also went to see Coldplay a week after my birthday! It had such a brilliant time I just had to drop it into the blog because I want to share it with the world! They were amazing live, even better then than on the album. It was all a bit strange actually, as I only found out I was going three days before the actual concert, and I don’t think the tickets were overly expensive so if you are a Coldplay fan I would definitely recommend going! We also got Xylobands, which are free wristbands which lit up in time with the music! AMAZING!

So, what do you guys think of my recent purchases?  Have you gone into Urban Outfitters and spent more than you initially planned to? And are you interested in reading a cosmetic-y post with NARS, MAC and everything else? Let me know!