Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lip Balm Life Savers

L-R: Vanilla Coke, Sprite, Cherry Coke and Orange Fanta

I have a guilty pleasure of buying every kind of lip balm. There, I said it. I have tried so many, literally hundreds but I have never decided on a favourite because I always end up losing them!

But as I was mooching down the queue at Primark I noticed these little beauties.

Cherry Coke lip balm, Vanilla Coke lip balm and Sprite lip balm too! I did have a Fanta one somewhere which I love, but unfortunately it was lost in my house :( So I repurchased it today and here it is, all shiny and new!

Anywho, I purchased all flavours originally due to my love for all things coca cola. What's more, they were only one pound each: a total bargain in my opinion.
As you can see, the packaging isn't very good as the vanilla Coke one has completely rubbed off now, but hey ho. They product is amazing quality and they keep my lips very moisturised, and yes- they do taste exactly like the flavour they're meant to be. I love the taste and how they make my lips feel after applying, the only problem I have is trying not to lose them!

So, if you're looking for a good quality lip balm for a cheap price I definitely recommend these. I will definitely be buying them again and again.



  1. Ahh, I've seen these and heard people rave about them, but I've never got around to getting one. I didn't know they were only a quid!
    I'm trying to lose weight and am a huge sucker for coke and I'm worried I'll taste it and be like "I NEED COKE". hahah.
    I'm going to get one next time I see one, they look pretty cool :)

  2. Same hahah! Im trying to get on the healthy eating bandwagon too, and failing! :( they do taste super nice though! xxxx

  3. Ahh I'm jel had the Fanta one-now lost of course, and now I've read this I want to go back to primark and buy them alll :(