Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lip Balm Life Savers

L-R: Vanilla Coke, Sprite, Cherry Coke and Orange Fanta

I have a guilty pleasure of buying every kind of lip balm. There, I said it. I have tried so many, literally hundreds but I have never decided on a favourite because I always end up losing them!

But as I was mooching down the queue at Primark I noticed these little beauties.

Cherry Coke lip balm, Vanilla Coke lip balm and Sprite lip balm too! I did have a Fanta one somewhere which I love, but unfortunately it was lost in my house :( So I repurchased it today and here it is, all shiny and new!

Anywho, I purchased all flavours originally due to my love for all things coca cola. What's more, they were only one pound each: a total bargain in my opinion.
As you can see, the packaging isn't very good as the vanilla Coke one has completely rubbed off now, but hey ho. They product is amazing quality and they keep my lips very moisturised, and yes- they do taste exactly like the flavour they're meant to be. I love the taste and how they make my lips feel after applying, the only problem I have is trying not to lose them!

So, if you're looking for a good quality lip balm for a cheap price I definitely recommend these. I will definitely be buying them again and again.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Guide to Shopping at Topshop

Whilst scanning the online world of beauty and fashion, I have definitely been inspired to do a few posts about it for myself! The original idea has been inspired from Zoella's guide to shopping at PRIMARK (i adore her blog!), however, these shops are completely different, and therefore I have different tips to share with you! :) So, here it is, my guide to shopping at Topshop

As much as I like a bargain, I have a bad habit of running straight for Topshop whenever I get paid. It is one of my all time favourite shops, although some of the items I buy tend to leave a bit of a hole in my teeney tiny purse! But, regardless of that, the clothes serve me well- I believe you get what you pay for. Although fashion is ever changing and Topshop goes through its many trends, certain clothes have been staples in my wardrobes for a very long time!

Anywho, before Topshop explodes due to the amount of love I have for them, I best press on with my top tips to shopping in the laaaaaaaavely stores!

  1. Topshop Hidden Gems: Call me stupid, I don't know how long it took for you guys to notice, but Topshop tend to put more than one specific item on the same rail. I'm talking about the ones that stick out of the walls by the way, as shown in the photo below! Topshop put hidden gems behind other clothes and they can easily be missed! For example, if they have a range of chunky knit jumpers at the front it can easily block off the cute t-shirts hung on the same rail but behind them! So, dont be afraid to have a good rummage- you never know what you might find.

    the rails to the right of the picture!

  1. Saving the Pennies: now this won't apply to all of you, but being a student myself, the student discount card truly is a blessing in disguise. If you have one, use it! Mine is a UCAS card, and you can order it for free when you first start college. It gets you 10% off your beloved Topshop buys, and sometimes they even rise the discount to 20%! Savings all round.

  2. Braving the January Sales: I HATE going shopping in the January sales. Hoardes of angry women, fighting over the same pair of jeans and messing all the rails up: not my idea of a good time. However, a little tip to avoid the sweaty crowds is to go early in the morning! Now, depending on which Topshop you go to, this tip may not apply. BUT, if youre planning on going sales shopping to a Topshop thats not overly massive, then I genuinely suggest going early in the morning! AND, you might just get that little dress you've had your eye on all season for cheap before they all get snapped up!

  3. The More the Merrier: Personally, I like to go shopping alone (im a bit of a hermit like that!). But, there comes a time in ones life, when that whole concept just gets a bit boring. So I suggest to take a friend with you. The greatest thing about this is that friends tend to spot different things that you might not have even taken the time to notice if you were there alone!

  4. Check the 'buy it now or regret it later' rail: simple! These tend to be situated in the corners of the stores and have tons of cute pieces that they are about the stop selling. People tend to ignore these rails when theyve gone into Topshop in a rush and cant be bothered having a good rummage. But sometimes the things you have gone to Topshop to buy and cannot find, tend to be hidden on this rail!

  5. Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures: being the big Topshop fanatic that I am, I abseloutely HATE going into the store looking for a specific item and not finding it. I feel defeated. But a little tip I learned off my dearest mum is to ring around the stores and see if they have it the item youre looking for! If they do, they can even hold it for you so you can go and collect it! The stress free way of shopping!

I hope you find these tips useful! And it may sound a bit cheesy, but try to have fun! Shoppings not designed to be a stressful experience, so go out and enjoy it!


Topshop bags are my favourite carrier bags!