Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Primark Bargain!

Hello my lovelies! I have recently picked up the cutest blazer in Primark. I have wanted a pink/peachy blazer for a long time now, and being a lover of Topshop and seeing their hefty price tags has made me want to cry, quite frankly. But finally, Primark have brought in this cute blazer, exactly like I wanted! Whats more, it was only a mere £15.... what. a. BARGAIN. 

Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? I apologize for the shoddy photo quality, it is only taken on my Iphone, after all....

I've always wanted a decent blazer. I think you can wear a blazer in a variety of ways, and this pastel shade is perfect for the spring summer months. Here I am wearing it for my friends 18th birthday night out (i'm sure she wont mind the photo being on here haha!). I teamed it with a plain back body con tunic from Topshop and some plain back heels from George at Asda: it's a simple look, but I loved it!

Unfortunately, blog posts have been a bit bleak as of late. I've been posting rarely, but it's the run up to my A-Level exams and we have been having some looooooovely weather outside, so I have been a bit...... erm..... distracted. Anyway, the photo below is a quick OOTD I wore whilst chillin' in the sunshine :)

The patterned maxi skirt was made by my friends mum, so I literally borrowed this off my friend for free, woohoooo! I love it, its a nice floaty material but is sadly a bit too short for me. (I intend on purchasing a tall black Maxi Dress from Topshop to team with my new blazer, thoughts?) 

I've teamed the skirt with a black boob tube from Primark for a lovely £2.50, I do love a good bargain. Accessories i'm wearing some mirrored aviator shades, £1 from Primark again ;)
Im also wearing a chunky spiked bangle which i don't know if you can really make out, but that's from Topshop and i love love love it!

What have you been doing in all this sunshine? And do you love a good Primark bargain? I sure do!



  1. LOVE this blazer, so pretty! Just started following you :) x

  2. ooh i love the colour and your hair is gorgeous! :)xxxx

  3. that blazer is gorgeous! Your fashion sense in general is amazing!! :)

  4. Love the blazer! Primark is quite good for little Topshop copies :) xxx

  5. I love it when I find little gems like this in Primark :)

    Tanesha x

  6. I really love this blazer! I definitely need a trip to primark soon :)
    Just started following, love your blog.
    Courtney xx

  7. Wowee, I've been so impressed with Primark lately!
    This looks great on you :)

    Lucy x

  8. That blazer is amazing, I really wanted one that colour but didn't want to fork out big bucks, now I can get this one, thanks! Following for more tips :-)

  9. Love that blazer, looks lovely on too :)